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Friday, August 22, 2014

65 days of Simple and Sinister!

Well I’ve done 65 days of nothing but Simple and Sinister. I think I took a total of 4 days off during this period. I waved the weight using the 24kg, 32kg and 40kg. Don’t have a 48kg yet so that will have to wait but I handled the 40kg no problem. I found waving very beneficial. Too much work with the 40kg made me stale and I felt kind of beat up at times so I would do the 24kg until I felt refreshed again and then back to the 32kg and then the 40 kg. I also switched back to using my DD bells. The thick handles make for a better grip workout.

My forearms are really popping and my hands feel like leather and sand paper. My back and my ass are all muscle. Still don’t have a six pack and never will unless I really dig deep and get serious about diet. For now I say fuck that shit. Stay strong and enjoy life is my motto.
Overall I have to say I really like S&S.  Is it the “perfect program”? You tell me.  For this guy it’s a big bang for the buck program which is all that I ever want. I feel more flexible and agile than I have in years going back to my Bikram’s days if you recall that. But unlike Bikram’s I am flexible and strong not flexible and flabby. Considering that my diet sucks, I smoke weed daily and drink frequently this is saying a lot.

One thing this routine has taught me is that if the exercise does not promote mobility and flexibility than I have no interest at all anymore. So bye-bye bench press and deadlift. It has also reinforced the notion that I have always held that you don’t need much to stay in great condition. Now this does not mean a 10 minute workout or some stupid shit like that. It means simple. You still have to put the time in. I don’t record time anymore or even pay it much attention but I would say the whole routine takes me about 30-40 minutes. I don’t bother with the goal of 5 minutes of swings and 10 minutes of TGUs. These are simply arbitrary numbers if you are really interested in seeing how you size up with other cats on this workout. I don’t care. I care about the movement and my pace goes by feel. Sometime I rip through it. Other times I take it slow. The same can be said for weight. I could use the 16kg and still get enormous benefits simply through the movements.

The only real negative I found was that if you didn’t do some hand exercises to counteract all the grip work then you could end up with some tendon issue. I also can’t emphasize enough how crucial the warm-ups and cool down stretches are. If I was so pressed for time I would only do the warm ups and stretches. They are that beneficial.

Last night I decided to apply the S&S structure to the original program minimum of snatches and bent presses. So I do 10 sets of 10 with the snatch and then 10 reps of bent press. The snatch I keep at 24kg and the bent press usually the 40kg. Same benefits as S&S but a different feel and certainly more complex exercises. I can see not recommending the original PM to dudes new to the game. Most guys would just get jacked up doing the original PM due to their lack of flexibility and mobility. For me I think I am going to keep going with S&S tossing in the original PM more frequently.


Carl Hungus, Beverly Hills CA said...

What the hell does this post have to do with the Negro Problem?

Toad said...

Oh, you're back. Shit.

Yhat's "Mr. Aninymous" to you! said...

Rant brah, how was the vacay?

Cream Of Lung said...

Rant can't possibly be even more boring in person can he? this shit is the worst. Please ban me.

Anonymous said...

LOL @ kettlebells

Anonymous said...

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Mrs John Walsh said...

Technically it is bigamy I suppose. But I excuse myself with the thought that sometimes when the lights are off in the bedroom Rant and my John can seem like one person, just with two cocks.

Anonymous said...

Please commit suicide.

Chaos and ButtPain said...

"My back and my ass are all muscle."

Simple and Sinister made my ass all muscle too Rant - except it was someone else's muscle.

Kellie Maloney - trainer, trannie, trot said...

Here's a little something from a certain unknow artist named Lionel Richie. Yeah that's right, LIONEL BLOOMIN' RICHIE!! enjoy.

"Say You, Say Me"

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Believing who you are - you are a shining star

Anonymous said...

Is Tom Cruise a homosexual?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Kellie - such heartwarming sentiments. Get's me wondering whether Mr Richie himself hasn't tried his hand at Simple and Sinister.

Elton "Mr Bottomley" John, posting from a Turkish bath-house while Ahmed pounds his prostrate said...

Tom Cruise is King of the Homos!

The real question is: top or bottom?

Mr. Anonymous said...

Rant brah, how was da vacay?

Anonymous said...

We know ABW is still posting about feeble workout routines, but whatever happened to Blackthorn?

Clive Pennington-Smith, homosexualist and house pederast to the White House security detail said...

Heath Ledger's dead and all you fukwits want to do is talk about kettlebells and ABW!!! Are you fukin crazy??

Did Brokeback mean nothing? Are we just gonna pretend we can all go back to the same old same old.

Wake up people!! B4 it's too fuking late.

RANT, YES ME said...

I want to seed the outer reaches of the known universe with my DNA.

Does anybody know how to build a spaceship?

Anonymous said...

Cedric Phallinthrope III, Catamite County GA said...


Have you seen the sequel to Brokeback Mtn -- Brokenut Valley? It stars our own talented Mr Rantley, in the role he was made to play (in the sense his scrotum was made into a dead zone through sexual misadventure)

G. Brady, Nostalgia ND said...

Anyone want nude pics of my sister?

Florence Henderson said...

No, but I could do with a few more of you G-man.

Anonymous said...

Rant looks like 200 pounds of chewed bubble gum.

C&P, waiting for hours, alone, in a port a potty, at pridefest said...

I shaved my Gooch for this?

Septic Tank cleaner in next stall over said...

Should have shaved your anus.

Cousin Marty, Mayor of Boston and Confirmed Bachelor said...

Great work Rant, hope vacation was good. A muscular ass sounds delightful.