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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ferguson Missouri.

Ferguson Missouri.  What a shit hole. At one time it was an oasis for aspiring whites looking to get away from the black trash in St Louis. Then for a time it was a place for aspiring blacks to get away from the black trash in St Louis. Now it’s a shit hole for aspiring rappers and their fellow black trash. Aspiring rappers. That’s all I needed to hear about Michael Brown, the “Gentle Giant” that robbed a convenient store for a box of Swisher Sweets just prior to being gunned down.  I had to do a double take on the Swisher Sweets. Really? Swisher fucking Sweets? This is so Ghetto Fab you couldn’t even make this shit up. I bet he also grabbed a gallon of blue drink and a monster bag of Cheetos.

The whole story is beyond pathetic. Brown was obviously a piece of shit and the type of character that I have contended with a thousand times back in my previous life in Cleveland. Just another small time punk looking to drag the rest of the world down to the level of his pathetic life. He was part and parcel of any member of the black trash class.  Now he’s just another dead ass punk and once again the black trash and their professional agitators are rallying around another criminal as evidence that they are being discriminated against, oppressed and hassled by the police. Another poor choice that goes back to Rodney King.

The media as usual is using their tired and played out 1968 template of big bad whitey coming down on blackie whose just minding his own business.  They are once again trying to portray the criminal as some sort of innocent bystander that just happened to get in the way of some racist cop with blood lust.  They are looking at everything but what happened.  The problem as they see it is that white cops are overrepresented on the police force in a predominately black town. In their eyes this is Bull Conner in Montgomery taking the dogs and fire hoses to black women and children in order to “keep the niggers in their place”.  Of course this is what sells and require the least amount of thought and it only helps to flame the fires of a class of people that aren’t known for their ability to reason and resolve conflicts. So we are left with rioting and anarchy.

The people acting up are a desperate and frustrated lot. They are not this way because of cops or whites or any other scapegoat that they have been led to believe is the cause of their problems. They are frustrated because they are losers. They just can’t seem to succeed in this life as they watch everyone else around them succeed, even members of their own race who they castigate as uncle toms or acting white or some other such nonsense.  It’s like watching a primate try to open up a child proof bottle. They either give up or they start destroying the bottle in frustration of not being able to open it.

It’s always a lot easier to blame someone or something else for your problems then to take responsibility for your actions.  I can’t help it I’m an alcoholic or a drug addict. It’s not my fault. Daddy didn’t take me to enough ball games when I was a kid. It’s not my fault whitey keeps me down. Pathetic but it’s endemic to a whole class of people of multiple races in this country that just either don’t give a fuck or they just don’t get it. But how can you not get it? From any early age most of us are told to stay out of trouble, do well in school and to follow the Golden Rule.  It’s not all that complicated for most of us regardless of what are background were. I came from a “broken home” as they used to call it. The old man was a violent drunk and the neighborhood was a shit hole. I bounced from couch to couch with my mother as people would take us in here and there. I certainly wasn’t the perfect kid but I understood that there were two roads I could take. I guess I chose the right one.  I mean how hard is it not to be a criminal?

I see the frustration of the black trash in Ferguson and some of their gripes are legitimate. Our police departments are out of control especially when dealing with those that don’t have shit. They trample all over their rights because most of them are too dumb to know when their rights are being trampled over. But at the same time why is it that they can’t see the role they play? How can a person be so unaware that you can’t go through life without an education, without a job and acting like some sort of self caricature in a fucking rap video? How can these people be so delusional that they can’t see that you can’t go around robbing corner stores and charging police officers without severe consequences? Aren’t they the ones jumping around hooting and hollering in church? Do they not read the bible they profess to believe in? Did they miss the advice to always avoid the appearance of evil or that those that live by the sword die by the sword?

In what bizzaro world can you expect success when you speak incomprehensible English, you revel in ignorance and urban myth and you are sullen and disagreeable at every opportunity? Where in this sort of behavior is there reason for others to give you respect?  Under what conditions have you earned the right to be respected? Rodney King was a punk. Trayvon Martin was a punk. Martin Brown was a punk. The lesson here should be that being a punk, a criminal and hostile to the police will get you into all sorts of jams including loss of your life. This is reality not a fucking movie. These people were not civil rights heroes to rally around and to use as an excuse to loot, create havoc and inflict violence on others. These people are only hurting themselves with the looting and destruction and they can’t even see it. It doesn’t affect my life one iota and if anything it makes me less sympathetic to these people and more inclined to side with the cops even before I know all the facts.  Hell the only ones benefiting from this are the cops who are pulling in shit loads of overtime.

But to be fair this is not completely a lopsided issue.  Since 9-11 we have become a quasi police state. We are expected to put up with all sort of intrusions into our personal lives with blatant violations of our civil liberties. We are being spied on. We are being compelled to purchase insurance products from the private sector. We can’t express ourselves or protest without being met by the paramilitary resistance of the state. Our police officers are still too prone to shoot citizens when other non lethal methods could be deployed and the caliber of people we recruit for these law enforcement position are not exactly the cream of the crop if you know what I mean. There is also not enough transparency as to what the government is doing. The police should have been able to address this issue quickly and openly. Instead they remained shrouded and took their usual arrogant position that they don’t work for the public which in fact is true. They work for the oligarchy. And the oligarchy has no interest in the poor other than how to keep them contained and complacent. If this were New York or Washington DC this incident wouldn’t have made it a day before martial law was declared because there is big business to be conducted in these cities. Who gives a fuck about Ferguson?  Who even heard of it before this?  This issue doesn’t really affect the oligarchs directly so they aren’t that pressed about it. However it looks bad and it might give others the idea that they can act up in places that matter to the elites.

My prediction is that the cop that shot the punk will be the fall guy. Someone, somewhere will come up with some bullshit about the guy saying “nigger” back in 1987 or some bullshit. Lots of placation will occur. Heads will roll at the lower levels of government and then the issue will fad into the background like Trayvon Martin until some other knuckle head gets killed. We never learn anything in this nation. Never.

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