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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Lovely Day!

Great original PM workout last night. I might have to get the 48kg or do more reps or something in the bent press. The snatch with the 24kg is about right for now. It’s tough on the hands especially with the heat and the sweat. Rant of course does all his training either outdoors or in a shed. I don’t know if I would want to do this workout daily at least right now. I’m using the S&S warm up and stretches at the end of the workout. I like this workout and it’s a nice progression from the S&S. I suppose another option would be to mix S&S with the OPM. So one day OPM and then the next S&S. I’m strongly considering that .

To be honest I am not that crazy about taking up jogging but I have to give it a go. It’s shameful and pathetic to see a grown many trotting down the street in his short pants. Jogging is such an unimpressive desperation exercise that simply lacks any athletic aesthetic. Maybe I can wear a mask or run in the darkness of the night or something. I almost wish I had a treadmill. The shame of it all. Can’t I get the same benefit from doing rope and the heavy bag for a 10 round workout? Help Rant out here and I don’t want to hear a fucking thing about diet.

Anyway right is very excited about this new direction he is taking and you can’t bring him down.  I’m riding high and your suggestions of suicide and whatnot will have no bearing on me whatsoever.  Nor will I be affected by your grammar and spelling corrections. I don’t give a fuck anymore.  It’s all about being positive, thinking positive and sending out positive vibes to everyone and everything.

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