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Monday, August 25, 2014

Original PM plus jogging.

Now that I have mastered Simple and Sinister it is time to up the ante. I currently own the 40kg doing S&S. Could I handle the 48kg? Sure, why not but right now I don’t feel like paying for a 48kg right now. In light of this I have decided to do the original program minimum which is the snatch and the bent press.

The original program minimum is the shit but it never really caught on like the second PM of man makers and TGUs on separate days for a total of 4 workouts a week. I also own this PM with the 40 kg and could easily do so if the 48kg if I had it. But as I have said many times the weight is almost irrelevant with these programs. Using just enough to provide resistance is where it’s at. I mean let’s face it 48kg is not a lot of weight for guys like Rant with a serious strength background. After awhile it just gets absurd with these 200 lbs kettlebells that look like Atlas stones. If serious strength is what you’re after get thee to the nearest set of barbells. That’s all there is to it.

Kettlebells will give you OK strength, good endurance and decent flexibility if your program is done right. I’ve always looked at kettlebells as an alternative to traditional cardio such as running. You get a big bang for the buck with kettlebells if you do it right. Most douchebags don’t do it right and give kettlebells a bad name. I’d say 90% of what I see on YouTube in terms of instruction is simply garbage. People that prey on feminine insecurities about their bodies with promises of beach bodies and whatnot are scumbags. It’s easy to make a fairly fit 20 year old look fantastic. A fat 40 year old that has popped out a few kids is a whole different ballgame.

Promises of melting fat like butter or blowtorching fat are lies. They aren’t even slight exaggerations. They are lies. Eat a pizza a day along with a few beers and lift kettlebells and you will at best look the same, maybe slightly better but not much. It’s still good for you, very good as a matter of fact. Fat and fit is still light years ahead of fat and unfit or skinny and unfit in some cases. The bottom line is moving your fat ass. Too many people fail to appreciate the medicinal power of movement due to vain and vacuous expectations. Of course since most people are dumb cunts this should come as no big surprise.

But let’s get honest here. I don’t care what other people do. I have no desire to help anyone. Nothing personal just the truth. I care about me. I’m all I ever think about. So let’s get back to what you all came here to read about. Me.

Rant is going to be focusing on the snatch and the bent press over the next few weeks. This of course this is the original PM and was dumped because most assholes found these moves too difficult. I’m not buying that bullshit. I’m almost 50, work a desk job and I’m nothing special to look at. At first glance most people would think I was younger due to my superior health and genes which I had nothing to do with. Then people might comment that I look like an ex football player or a fighter. So I look better than the average guy my age but chicks aren’t whistling at me as they drive by like the used to 30 years ago.  In other words if I can snatch and bent press anybody can with a little practice.

How I look doesn’t really matter.  Now the name of the game is mobility, flexibility and strength in that order. So I will embark on the original PM. I will be basically snatching with the 24kg DD bell and feel that for the foreseeable future that will be enough.  I will use the S&S template as my guide and do 10 sets of 10 reps. For the bent press I will use the 40kg and do 10 reps just like in S&S with the TGUs. However I don’t know if this is any everyday program like S&S. It might be but my inclination is to use it 3 days a week with another 3 days a week devoted to running. Yeah that’s right running. Fuck you. What’s so funny about a blocky guy running?

So what’s the deal with the running? I thought Rant hated jogging. Well he does…sort of but it’s the only thing he has ever done exercise wise that helps to really control the weight. I have a halfway decent out and back route through mostly bike trails along the Neponset. I’d say it’s a long 3 or short 4 mile run. I have fought it for years but the fact is that running is the most fundamental athletic activity. In order to truly be fit you need to be able to run at least a few miles at any given time so this is what I must do. I think in the long run I will be happy with this. It will be a nice mix. I don’t think that doing anything every day exclusively is very healthy although I believe one could do S&S daily but this is the exception rather than the rule.

Oh wait I almost forgot. In the interest on my goals I think it’s best to lay off the drinking and cut waaaaaay back on the weed. The beer I can take it or leave it but the bud has been turning into a daily thing after the kids go to bed. The other night I was sitting in my parlor watching TV stoned and was kind of wondering what the point was. I mean I’m sitting here alone stoned watching old Dragnet episodes.  Jack Webb is not really what one wants to see while buzzed. Well sometimes it’s funny but those hippie episodes are funny without weed.

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